How to Subscribe to Calendar From Your Android Device

You can only add Must See Katy’s calendar to your Android device if you’re using Google Calendar from your computer. Once you add the calendar from your computer, you’ll be able to see it from your Android device. The steps below explains how to 1) add Must See Katy to your Google Calendar on your computer, and then 2) add it to your Android device.

Add Must See Katy Calendar to your Google Calendar from your computer

  1. Login to your Google calendar from your computer and under Other Calendars, Click the down arrow. downarrow
  2. Select Add by URL.
  3. Copy and past the following link to your calendar: Must See Katy Calendar
  4. Click the Add Calendar button.
  5. From here, you should be able to go to your Samsung, or Google Calendar app on your Android device and enable Must See Katy Calendar. If you have never added Google Calendar to your Android device, go to the next section for how to instructions.

Add Must See Katy Calendar to your Android calendar (for Samsung)

  1. Open up the Samsung calendar and click More > Manage Calendars
  2. Click Add Account
  3. Select Google
  4. Enter your phone’s PIN if required
  5. Enter the personal Google account email address that you use on your computer (, click Next
  6. Enter your password, click Next
  7. Accept Privacy and Terms
  8. Optionally select ‘Automatically back up device data’
  9. You should now see your personal Google calendar as well as Must See Katy’s calendar in your list of calendars.
  10. Go back to your calendar app to see Must See Katy Events in your Samsung Calendar.

Optionally, if you prefer to you Google Calendar App, you can download the app from Google Play and and view Must See Katy events from there.